Crazy Colour Neutral mix 250ml

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  • Pastellize or neutralize – have it your way
  • 250ml
  • This dye is a neutral dye or mixer for mixing with any other Crazy Color dye. For those who want a neutral shade or those who go real Crazy and experiment with mixing dyes
  • Read full instructions before application

Create your own colour with the Crazy Color Neutral Mixer. This little bottle has the power to transform your hair dye into a personalised shade.

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Make your own pastel shades with Neutral from Crazy Color! With these neutral bases from Crazy Color you can create endless combinations. Mix Neutral with your favorite color or use neutral to mix multiple colors together, and create your own personal color combination! Crazy Color hair dye is a semi-permanent, nourishing cream hair color that has not been tested on animals. The colors are striking and intense and make something great of your hair. Crazy Color Neutral comes in a handy squeeze bottle with a capacity of 250 ml.

Pay attention! Does not fit through the letterbox due to the size. When ordering, extra package costs will be charged. You can find the exact costs in your order overview.


  • Wash your hair first with a mild, PH neutral shampoo
  • Grease the skin at your hairline with some Vaseline or oil
  • Apply Crazy Color with a hair dye brush
  • Comb or massage Crazy Color well through your hair afterwards
  • After at least 15-30 minutes of exposure time you can rinse your hair out


  • Crazy Color picks the best on hair that is first bleached
  • For light (pastel) shades and toners: make sure your hair is white / platinum blonde and was well in advance so that all blonde remnants are gone, otherwise the color does not catch!
  • Avoid beautifully colored fingers and tricky questions: wear gloves!
  • Do you want a more intensive color result? Then wrap your hair (after application) in plastic and let Crazy Color move in for a few hours
  • Crazy Color colors can be mixed together, so combine them!
  • Use Crazy Color Neutral to make colors lighter
  • Mix some of your favorite color with a little basic cream rinse for a quick color touch up

Note: the final color result depends on a lot of factors, including the basic color of your hair and the condition of your hair. We can therefore not guarantee the final color result.

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